Interested in buying a property in the Amsterdam area?

People On The Move Expat Rentals is just the right estate agency to assist and advice you on the possibilities on the Amsterdam property market.

Owning a property in Amsterdam and surroundings may prove to be an interesting investment. It may be well worth your money to own a property as a business investment or family home abroad in the always lively and picturesque Amsterdam.

How does it work?

People On The Move Expat Rentals offers assistance in the acquisition of your property. With our thorough knowledge of the Amsterdam property market you can rely on quick and intensive service. We also offer assistance to expats who wish to acquire a property in Amsterdam. For a foreigner it is often hard to get to grips with all the rules and customs that govern Dutch and Amsterdam property acquisition. Property owners are subject to various obligations by Dutch as well as Amsterdam law. People On The Move Expat Rentals offers you personal and professional assistance. We work closely together with mortgage banks that specifically focus on expats and are able to advise on the obligatory translation service during the legal transfer of the property. And last, but not least, we can advise you on letting your property. Please, fill out the contactform to discuss the possibilities.

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