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‘Not looking for customers’

Since 2013, People On The Move Expat Brokers has been providing suitable housing for expats, and we find suitable (expat) tenants for real estate owners. We are not looking for customers; we like to invest in long-term relationships, we want to have a personal relationship with you and deliver tailor-made solutions.

People On The Move Expat Brokers increasingly takes care of real estate purchases for private investors. When savings rates are negative or low, a real estate investment is a profitable and secure alternative.

On request, we also furnish properties for rent or sale and find tenants for properties we have previously acquired.

As a 'broker' we are the active liaison between tenants, owners and (often) beautiful homes in great locations.

Our focus is on Greater Amsterdam and Haarlem, the most beautiful cities with the best facilities and connections in the Netherlands, and Bergen (NH), a paradise disguised as a seaside resort. In Greater Amsterdam, Haarlem and Bergen (NH) we have an extensive network, which is where our expertise lies.

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'Call us tonight'

Preferably not, of course. But if necessary, you can. People On The Move Expat Brokers is not a 9 to 5 office, we go the extra mile for our relations.
Our team consists of founders Andries and Irene Timmerman, Miranda Van Zutphen and Steven Timmerman.

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